How Judith Williams Cosmetics reaches new customers through creators

Brand Background:

Judith Williams Cosmetics – a brand very well-known in Europe! No matter if you visit a drug store, switch on your TV or do online shopping, JW Cosmetics is everywhere. Launched in 2007 Judith is on a mission to encourage women in being themselves and feeling great and beautiful.

The Challenge:

How can a very well known brand in the industry be more likeable for a new target audience? Even though JW Cosmetics has been known so well, Gen Z and Millennials haven’t used JW products frequently. Of course Judith is also Live on different social challenges – but directly selling and interacting while watching a stream is a huge challenge, that a lot of bigger brands have to face.

The Solution:

When JW Cosmetics entered the HELLO App, creators were thrilled and offered many live streams from skin care to makeup! Best example: the Endless Beauty Palette was used in 130 live streams and was even featured abroad in a Mykonos live event: