How Elixr’s Hairspray is loved by GenZ and used in over 100 livestreams

Brand Background:

IN 2019 Jenny & Philipp pitched the idea of natural oils and organic cosmetic products on the famous TV Show Höhle der Löwen. Since than they started selling their products online and on TV. Their mission: organic products that connect natural ingredients and beauty knowledge.

The Challenge:

How can I sell my product in a more interactive way, to a younger audience? People especially Gen Z or Millennials want to have a more personal and entertaining shopping experience. So the challenge was to find a social platform, that matches live shopping with diverse creators, a strong community and the request for new products – so they joined HELLO.

The Solution:

After integrating ELIXR to our portfolio, our team of experts and strategists directly integrated the brand into the campaign planning and to our in House productions for Live Streams and social media content. In addition a lot of our creators were directly integrating ELIXR into their streams, so we had a large number of diverse creators, who offered –  from yoga to cleaning routines – live streams with ELIXR products! Followers and the community were immediately asking questions, interacting with creators and purchasing products – which they recommended again to others. In a short period of time ELIXR became a strong brand on HELLO.

Their natural airspray was featured in 109 live streams by 14 different creators, covering shows from wellness to household must-haves.