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Unlock the power of social commerce through an integrated ecosystem of creators who sell and advertise your products.

Brands that use HELLO

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You bring the products, we do the rest.

How HELLO is different

How HELLO Creators sell for you

Creators produce livestreams


Creators choose your products directly in our Streamer App and integrates them in her livestreams.

Creators share community posts


Creators also inspire their shopping community through engaging content such as short-videos and images, directly selling your products.

Creators advertise on social media


Creators tap into her community on social media to showcase your products on platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the HELLO App is exclusively accessible to customers located in Germany. Although all of our creators are fluent in German, they may be creating content from various regions around the globe.

Yes, small businesses and brands of any size can benefit greatly from using HELLO for Business. By leveraging the power of creators and their social media presence, as well as their active selling during livestreams, your brand can achieve significant growth and expansion.

One of the primary differentiating factors of selling through the HELLO App is the opportunity to harness the potential of social commerce through a comprehensive ecosystem of creators.


This approach differs significantly from traditional marketplaces like Amazon, as it enables businesses to leverage the power of influencers and creators to sell and advertise their products.


The HELLO App offers access to a broad range of creators, with varying levels of influence and reach. From high-profile influencers to up-and-coming content creators, these individuals can help drive sales and increase traffic to your products.


Additionally, the HELLO App offers a diverse range of product assortments, including exclusive creator-branded items and third-party products.


One of the unique features of the HELLO App is the way in which creators can use engaging live streams to sell your products. These live streams can take place in both traditional studio settings, as well as scalable user-generated formats, providing businesses with a new and dynamic way to reach customers.


Finally, the HELLO App encourages a cycle of engagement and involvement, with customers who purchase your products becoming creators themselves. This means that they can create content, promote your products, and sell them to their own audiences, driving further growth for your business.


In summary, the HELLO App provides a holistic approach to social commerce, leveraging the power of creators and influencers to sell and advertise products, offering a diverse range of products, and providing a unique and engaging selling experience.

If you're interested in joining HELLO, simply submit a request for early access on our landing page. Following this, a member of our team will get in touch with you to provide further information about our business through a call.

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